Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Have a thought ever occurred to you what would happen if you just quit your daily life routine, run away from your life, your job, run away somewhere only you know about. Explore the world just because you know there is nothing exciting sitting in the bus, going to office, coming back home and repeating it over and over again for rest of your good life.
Is this how we want to live life. Definitely not me. I know i can turn out to be just another disappointment to my parents, just another ex to my girlfriend, just another failure to my boss or just some sore loser to my friends. But What i do believe is I am me.
Right now there are so many decisions to make, so many adventures to go on. There is just so much more in life than just a secure job and building a family. There is a legacy to be made, to be remembered at times long ahead in future when i might become just another old man. But at least at that point i might have a tale to tell the future generation.There should be a meaning to everything that happens.Else why are we there in this world. We don't know exactly what we are supposed to do in this world, the simple question of why we are in this world or the straight forward question of why this world is there itself.
There are so many questions in life unanswered as of now. So much confusion for what might be, what might have been and what will be. We have but only one life to figure out as much as we can.
Where our salvation lies is the hardest to find only because it always lingers somewhere we don't search.

Ultimately if anyone has ever come across an answer to what should one live for and why in the world there is so much left unanswered, do contact me on reading this because as of now i have no clue as to what i am here in the world for.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

College Memoirs

It takes 4 years to build memories but those moments when reflected upon even for a few seconds makes them miss so terribly. Even though a year has passed by, it seems only yesterday that we were in college.
Still remember the mornings which led us to deep thoughts of our future and then only by looking at your friend sleeping, thinking What the hell, lets just go to sleep.

Reckless, Careless, Thoughtless, Stress less, and all the so much more less. Friends made up the world.
Playing all night long just to wake up for the exam the next morning, looking at passing girls and often thinking out loud " woh toh teri bhabhi hai, buri nazro se mat dekh " ,going out at midnight for a snack and realizing you dont have fuel to get back, being stuck hung over in the city only for your friend to get you back in one piece back to your room, Hah.. how i miss those days.

Even now each of the details is crystal clear. No matter how much time passes, college life will always be memorable. Not because of its perfectness, rather the silly imperfections that made it enjoyable.
Also so many of Firsts happen in colleges.
First love, First Breakup, First Drink, First sutta, First crush, First interview, First time away from home,
First time being totally independent, First fight, First sorry, and last but still the most important first friends.
No matter how far these friends are , No matter how much less they stay in communication, still when called upon ,undoubtedly all of them will be there forever. These are the bonds that last forever.

The last few days of college were also the ones to be missed more. Promises made, forgiveness sought, debts repaid, entering the no summer holiday world. Alas these are the days that are now.
The days are long, the nights have become short , work work work  on everyone's mind.
When will such days come back. When will these friends come back. I want to live like this forever.
No matter what, i am sure these lovely days meant so much. so so much.

To be continued...............

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


I dont care whether my decisions are bad or good or worse. It only matters that the decisions are mine.
People around you will always come up with solutions, suggestions, to guide you along the path of life.
But it is upto us to choose where we want to go. Everything we do, we do it for ourselves, so WHY listen to others.

Make your own mistakes. Learn from them and only then you will have a great story to tell worth listening about. No one can live a perfect life without bad decisions. Leaving home without umbrella on a rainy day or taking a taxi just as the signal turns red, all are bad decisions, but if they are yours then you get all the blame.
Its no use blaming others for listening to them and ruining your moment. Such people will always find a way to get rid of their troubles by blaming it on others. These are the people who enjoy advising others since they themselves had failed to listen to their heart and make their own decisions.

So make your own decisions, Choose your own path, follow your heart, and do what you think is yours true motive. The worst that may happen is you learn from it. Thats not as bad as you must have thought. Is it??
Carve your own destiny, for people dont remember those who follow others, but only those who make others follow them.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Connecting the dots .. (1)

I knew it was a bad decision. Gazing at the dark gloomy pits ,I could clearly make out the reason for the cowardice shown by the other side.
"Today we fight ,not for glory nor for ourselves but for the future that lay in the wombs of mothers. Today may be our last day so make it count for something so that we may die laughing as heroes." Roared the cheif.
There was a moment of silence, reflection and of what can happen ,glimpses of the feared monster swayed across the eyes of the fighters. He continued
" Before we call on the gods to save our world ,let us ordinary natives of this glorious lands where the rivers flow endless, the flowers bloom always and the mountains climb ever so high bow and rise before each other so that we may know this fight is not for our survival but for our chance to live fearlessly. Let us fight together to end this fear in our heart and die with glory and tales be told of our legendary battle for the future."
And saying so he jumped into the pit.
"Not with out me brother.."

And so lay the two brothers staring at each other. They may have been of different sides but their ultimatum was comman. Both wanted to slay the demon who had seperated them.

Start the ritual said the brothers in unison as the priests and necromancers started their chanting. The ground caved and the walls rattled as the chanting continued.
Both could feel the heat coming from the ground but neither could figure out the pain that was to befall on them.

It felt like their fears had materialized. The demon so huge covered in burning flames instilled numbness in most of the warriors. Watching their chiefs in disbelief as to how would they do the unthinkable. Only their oath to fight till the end had them standing near the arena. Else they would have far left the earth itself in search of a safer place. Yet the two brothers looked into each other and believed in themselves. They picked up their swords and prepared themselves.
The demon swinged the burning sword at both of them. They dodged by splitting up.
"Nice arm you got there " taunted the chief of children of light. "Will not last long though "said the other brother, the chief of the bearer of darkness.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Dint Know I Was Lost....!!!!

" wake me up when it's all overWhen I'm wiser and I'm olderAll this time I was finding myselfAnd I didn't know I was lost "

Indeed everyone is truly lost. Lost in the wild searching for something to cling on to. Something to answer their questions. In this chaotic world , no wonder one finds it too hard to find anything.Uncertainty is the harsh reality. No one actually knows what the future holds, nor the past path that leads us to where we are now. Maybe we need to sleep indeed. Hold back for a while and reflect on ourselves. In the present most people pay attention to what others are upto. What the others are doing. Nobody really cares about doing stuff that they appreciate rather those which will be appreciated by others. Truly lost why this is being posted.
Thats all folks !!!! 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Quitters never Win and winners never quit 

say the so called great philosophers.

Ironically, true essence of winning in this existing world is knowing when to quit. In the corporate world, its never a win win situation. Hard as anyone may try if someone wants to gain something, some other person will surely lose.
This world is cruel. And in this world the one with a pure soul and heart can never survive. A fairy tale where a prince saves the lady and they live happily ever after is hugely exploited to draw attention of young minds towards a perfect future. This only leads to added pressure and ultimately not only does the young mind suffer from morale loss but also loses his/her faith in world. It does not matter how well you lived until and unless you are satisfied. People think having a job , wife, family might keep oneself satisfied. This is the ultimate lie in the world. People follow this and eventually quit their goals which they had laid in their dreams. This is called quitting when one ought not to. I may be sounding like a vicious and despicable person, but surely this is the truth of the world we live in.

People quit. Its a fact. Hard try one may not to, in the end they get satisfied with what they have and strive to safeguard what they have ,ultimately forgetting all the dreams they had weaved since childhood. Can the world improve in such a situation. Its hard to foretell but those who have broken away from chains such as these can have a greater probability of reaching where they want to be.

However cruel the world maybe, when we are born we all are free and those who do not respect this fact ought to be removed from this world.

Strangely though one person quitting leads to an opportunity for another not to . A person quitting for family only blooms another young mind who can challenge the ongoing convention of this world. When one door closes another one opens. This is true most often than not.
So a word of advice to my readers who are next to NIL, do not quit unless you think you need to. Quitting is not a bad habit but do not forget the ultimate gift the world has for you. Only a chosen few can unwrap this gift whereas the maximum of the population do not even dream about it.

Saturday, 10 May 2014


Its not love when you see the person everyday and feel the same every moment. Rather when you cant forget a glimpse of her even after a year.
I still remember the time i first saw you. Maybe it was the sun reflecting or your skin glowing but you really shined my world for a second over there...
The countless nights seem so short and at the same time endless when all i could think about was what to say how to behave whenever an opportunity occurs , a single chance to make contact , a single moment with the one who just took my breath away...
How can someone be so simple yet so stunning. Pretty people are those who just do not pretend to be pretty nor care about being called one but those who just feel beautiful naturally. Getting back to her, even after more than 6 months , the vision of her , the first moment of radiance in her , the first time i ever laid eyes on such a beauty is truly mesmerizing. Still whenever i close my eyes, you are always in my sight.Call it being a fool,a retard, there's not a moment where i can go on without thinking of what might have been if we could have been together.
No matter how far we are, we will always be under the same sky.
Maybe when i think of you, you think of me as well. Though this is a far fetched dream, there is really no harm in thinking like this . After all what makes you happy is what you ought to have faith in.
I sincerely hope one day when all is not over and when everyone is happy, and there is still times left to live in this hellish world, i can savor a couple more moments of calmness and be amazed with you and by you.

I really do have fallen for you. Somewhere/Someplace/Sometime if you read this and think i wrote this for you. You are truly right in thinking so and would be waiting for a miracle to happen.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wonderful People....!!!!

Last night while getting back from work, I happened to stumble upon an accident. A Bus had crashed into a car and the driver had run off. The surrounding people in the vicinity helped the person and took him for medical attention.

The people who saw the accident were terrified while few others felt sympathy for such a misshaping. Moving on just at the same time, a few blocks away i saw a newborn child playing with his father. The smile on the face of the child was truly beautiful and soothing.
I wonder whether happiness and sadness in the world is balanced. Only a thin line separating these two. How can such a terrible accident take place just a few blocks away from where the child was playing. Nevertheless the child did not care nor noticed anything except the joy on his fathers face.

This is not the only case. We all must have noticed the despair on the face of mothers who beg to keep their child fed ,the pleasure on the face of an accomplished man, the eagerness for work on the face of an fresh graduate , the indifference of the person just about to retire, the anticipation on the face of people watching the magician , the fear on the face of the magician to make the act smooth, the tears on the face of a lost person , the cry of joy on the  face of person having won a long lost battle, the weakness of people who just watch the world go on, the courage of people who strive to make things work.

These are few contradicting happenings around the world at the same time. Still we manage to live in a balanced world without paying heed to any sufferings around us nor any to the happiness of people around us.
Have we lost ourselves in this huge world. Are we not just a tiny piece of puzzle in this gigantic world.
Is there any meaning to lives of people who choose just to run down their 60 years in this world thinking they are happy.

Sometimes i wonder is this all we can do, choosing to lead our lives the way we think will keep us happy.
Is happiness our ultimate goal or is there something bigger than this world we live in. Maybe some people already know and are too secretive to share these knowledge. Even so hopefully we all can find a reason in our lives no matter how small it may be. Because we get only a single life, and we need to understand this world in this very short duration.