Tuesday, 17 June 2014


I dont care whether my decisions are bad or good or worse. It only matters that the decisions are mine.
People around you will always come up with solutions, suggestions, to guide you along the path of life.
But it is upto us to choose where we want to go. Everything we do, we do it for ourselves, so WHY listen to others.

Make your own mistakes. Learn from them and only then you will have a great story to tell worth listening about. No one can live a perfect life without bad decisions. Leaving home without umbrella on a rainy day or taking a taxi just as the signal turns red, all are bad decisions, but if they are yours then you get all the blame.
Its no use blaming others for listening to them and ruining your moment. Such people will always find a way to get rid of their troubles by blaming it on others. These are the people who enjoy advising others since they themselves had failed to listen to their heart and make their own decisions.

So make your own decisions, Choose your own path, follow your heart, and do what you think is yours true motive. The worst that may happen is you learn from it. Thats not as bad as you must have thought. Is it??
Carve your own destiny, for people dont remember those who follow others, but only those who make others follow them.

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