Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Connecting the dots .. (1)

I knew it was a bad decision. Gazing at the dark gloomy pits ,I could clearly make out the reason for the cowardice shown by the other side.
"Today we fight ,not for glory nor for ourselves but for the future that lay in the wombs of mothers. Today may be our last day so make it count for something so that we may die laughing as heroes." Roared the cheif.
There was a moment of silence, reflection and of what can happen ,glimpses of the feared monster swayed across the eyes of the fighters. He continued
" Before we call on the gods to save our world ,let us ordinary natives of this glorious lands where the rivers flow endless, the flowers bloom always and the mountains climb ever so high bow and rise before each other so that we may know this fight is not for our survival but for our chance to live fearlessly. Let us fight together to end this fear in our heart and die with glory and tales be told of our legendary battle for the future."
And saying so he jumped into the pit.
"Not with out me brother.."

And so lay the two brothers staring at each other. They may have been of different sides but their ultimatum was comman. Both wanted to slay the demon who had seperated them.

Start the ritual said the brothers in unison as the priests and necromancers started their chanting. The ground caved and the walls rattled as the chanting continued.
Both could feel the heat coming from the ground but neither could figure out the pain that was to befall on them.

It felt like their fears had materialized. The demon so huge covered in burning flames instilled numbness in most of the warriors. Watching their chiefs in disbelief as to how would they do the unthinkable. Only their oath to fight till the end had them standing near the arena. Else they would have far left the earth itself in search of a safer place. Yet the two brothers looked into each other and believed in themselves. They picked up their swords and prepared themselves.
The demon swinged the burning sword at both of them. They dodged by splitting up.
"Nice arm you got there " taunted the chief of children of light. "Will not last long though "said the other brother, the chief of the bearer of darkness.

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