Monday, 26 May 2014

Dint Know I Was Lost....!!!!

" wake me up when it's all overWhen I'm wiser and I'm olderAll this time I was finding myselfAnd I didn't know I was lost "

Indeed everyone is truly lost. Lost in the wild searching for something to cling on to. Something to answer their questions. In this chaotic world , no wonder one finds it too hard to find anything.Uncertainty is the harsh reality. No one actually knows what the future holds, nor the past path that leads us to where we are now. Maybe we need to sleep indeed. Hold back for a while and reflect on ourselves. In the present most people pay attention to what others are upto. What the others are doing. Nobody really cares about doing stuff that they appreciate rather those which will be appreciated by others. Truly lost why this is being posted.
Thats all folks !!!! 

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