Saturday, 10 May 2014


Its not love when you see the person everyday and feel the same every moment. Rather when you cant forget a glimpse of her even after a year.
I still remember the time i first saw you. Maybe it was the sun reflecting or your skin glowing but you really shined my world for a second over there...
The countless nights seem so short and at the same time endless when all i could think about was what to say how to behave whenever an opportunity occurs , a single chance to make contact , a single moment with the one who just took my breath away...
How can someone be so simple yet so stunning. Pretty people are those who just do not pretend to be pretty nor care about being called one but those who just feel beautiful naturally. Getting back to her, even after more than 6 months , the vision of her , the first moment of radiance in her , the first time i ever laid eyes on such a beauty is truly mesmerizing. Still whenever i close my eyes, you are always in my sight.Call it being a fool,a retard, there's not a moment where i can go on without thinking of what might have been if we could have been together.
No matter how far we are, we will always be under the same sky.
Maybe when i think of you, you think of me as well. Though this is a far fetched dream, there is really no harm in thinking like this . After all what makes you happy is what you ought to have faith in.
I sincerely hope one day when all is not over and when everyone is happy, and there is still times left to live in this hellish world, i can savor a couple more moments of calmness and be amazed with you and by you.

I really do have fallen for you. Somewhere/Someplace/Sometime if you read this and think i wrote this for you. You are truly right in thinking so and would be waiting for a miracle to happen.


  1. Wow! This is not the Aditya I once knew. I hope this message of yours reach its destination.