Saturday, 20 July 2013


First question.... Why start a blog... ??

For obvious reasons i don't have much to do with my free time (which is abundant) so why not give this a try...

I am Aditya Taunk. I  am just another kid living in mumbai , India (City of dreams) enjoying life as it comes.
I have a passion for sports and travelling. Though a noob at DOTA (Online Game) , am a FIFA (Another Awesome Game) pro. Never mess with me in FIFA though u may take out ur frustration through DOta (Im really bad at that) . Like to mess with peoples brain and make them do stuff (Don't Believe me. Just try me) .

Supporting Cardiff City Fc since 2008 . I saw the first match accidentally while surfing through the channels but a great club and great supporters. Its my dream to travel to the capital and bask in the atmosphere of cardiff city stadium. Ohh Wait.. U dont know about CARDIFFCITY ????.... Well its one the best clubs in U.K and recently promoted to Barclays Premier League. Don't worry , U will Remember the name soon when it kicks your Fav. Clubs Ass....

Apart from that, An adventurous Traveler and a weird philosopher. I like (No Wait - I LOVE) travelling places and taking odd routes even when they have a well laid out route. A little adventure never hurts. My aim in life is to travel the entire globe and i will do my best to make it come true.
Honestly..... I will do it.
"I did It" (From Future Me)

Well that is more than enough about me right now. Lets see where this blog stuff ends up....!!!