Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Quitters never Win and winners never quit 

say the so called great philosophers.

Ironically, true essence of winning in this existing world is knowing when to quit. In the corporate world, its never a win win situation. Hard as anyone may try if someone wants to gain something, some other person will surely lose.
This world is cruel. And in this world the one with a pure soul and heart can never survive. A fairy tale where a prince saves the lady and they live happily ever after is hugely exploited to draw attention of young minds towards a perfect future. This only leads to added pressure and ultimately not only does the young mind suffer from morale loss but also loses his/her faith in world. It does not matter how well you lived until and unless you are satisfied. People think having a job , wife, family might keep oneself satisfied. This is the ultimate lie in the world. People follow this and eventually quit their goals which they had laid in their dreams. This is called quitting when one ought not to. I may be sounding like a vicious and despicable person, but surely this is the truth of the world we live in.

People quit. Its a fact. Hard try one may not to, in the end they get satisfied with what they have and strive to safeguard what they have ,ultimately forgetting all the dreams they had weaved since childhood. Can the world improve in such a situation. Its hard to foretell but those who have broken away from chains such as these can have a greater probability of reaching where they want to be.

However cruel the world maybe, when we are born we all are free and those who do not respect this fact ought to be removed from this world.

Strangely though one person quitting leads to an opportunity for another not to . A person quitting for family only blooms another young mind who can challenge the ongoing convention of this world. When one door closes another one opens. This is true most often than not.
So a word of advice to my readers who are next to NIL, do not quit unless you think you need to. Quitting is not a bad habit but do not forget the ultimate gift the world has for you. Only a chosen few can unwrap this gift whereas the maximum of the population do not even dream about it.

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