Wednesday, 2 July 2014

College Memoirs

It takes 4 years to build memories but those moments when reflected upon even for a few seconds makes them miss so terribly. Even though a year has passed by, it seems only yesterday that we were in college.
Still remember the mornings which led us to deep thoughts of our future and then only by looking at your friend sleeping, thinking What the hell, lets just go to sleep.

Reckless, Careless, Thoughtless, Stress less, and all the so much more less. Friends made up the world.
Playing all night long just to wake up for the exam the next morning, looking at passing girls and often thinking out loud " woh toh teri bhabhi hai, buri nazro se mat dekh " ,going out at midnight for a snack and realizing you dont have fuel to get back, being stuck hung over in the city only for your friend to get you back in one piece back to your room, Hah.. how i miss those days.

Even now each of the details is crystal clear. No matter how much time passes, college life will always be memorable. Not because of its perfectness, rather the silly imperfections that made it enjoyable.
Also so many of Firsts happen in colleges.
First love, First Breakup, First Drink, First sutta, First crush, First interview, First time away from home,
First time being totally independent, First fight, First sorry, and last but still the most important first friends.
No matter how far these friends are , No matter how much less they stay in communication, still when called upon ,undoubtedly all of them will be there forever. These are the bonds that last forever.

The last few days of college were also the ones to be missed more. Promises made, forgiveness sought, debts repaid, entering the no summer holiday world. Alas these are the days that are now.
The days are long, the nights have become short , work work work  on everyone's mind.
When will such days come back. When will these friends come back. I want to live like this forever.
No matter what, i am sure these lovely days meant so much. so so much.

To be continued...............

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