Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Have a thought ever occurred to you what would happen if you just quit your daily life routine, run away from your life, your job, run away somewhere only you know about. Explore the world just because you know there is nothing exciting sitting in the bus, going to office, coming back home and repeating it over and over again for rest of your good life.
Is this how we want to live life. Definitely not me. I know i can turn out to be just another disappointment to my parents, just another ex to my girlfriend, just another failure to my boss or just some sore loser to my friends. But What i do believe is I am me.
Right now there are so many decisions to make, so many adventures to go on. There is just so much more in life than just a secure job and building a family. There is a legacy to be made, to be remembered at times long ahead in future when i might become just another old man. But at least at that point i might have a tale to tell the future generation.There should be a meaning to everything that happens.Else why are we there in this world. We don't know exactly what we are supposed to do in this world, the simple question of why we are in this world or the straight forward question of why this world is there itself.
There are so many questions in life unanswered as of now. So much confusion for what might be, what might have been and what will be. We have but only one life to figure out as much as we can.
Where our salvation lies is the hardest to find only because it always lingers somewhere we don't search.

Ultimately if anyone has ever come across an answer to what should one live for and why in the world there is so much left unanswered, do contact me on reading this because as of now i have no clue as to what i am here in the world for.

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